Night Shots!
Posted by Chris Hutcheson, Photographer, in Photographs

Sepia Study, Fosterholm Farm
Black & White, Fosterholm Farm
The Eckhart House Night Study
Side Garden & Patio
Porch Study, Nightime
Fall in the County
Posted by R.B. in Photographs

Sunrise Across the Field
Fall Morning
Fall Morning 2
Garden in Fall
Pumpkins & Corn Husks
Pumpkins & Corn Husks 2
Autumn Colours
Autumn Trees
Wild Grapes Overhead
Wild Grapes 2
Frollicking on the Dunes
Wind Surfing
Sand Dune Beaches
Sand Dune Beaches 2
Sand Dune Beaches 3
Sand Dune Beaches 4
Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes 2
Sand Dunes 3
Sand Dunes 4
Sand Dunes 5
Sand Dunes 6
Sand Dunes 7
Waves, High Winds & Fun!
Posted by R.B. in Photographs

High Winds, Fun Times
Tandem Windsurfers
Parasurfing 2
Parasurfing 3
Taming the Surf
Endless Summer Sun
Posted by R.B. in Photographs

Early Morning Fields
Tall Corn Fields
Corn Fields
Flowering Fields 1
Flowering Fields 2
Quiet County Road
Local Produce
Perfect Tomatoes
Summer Bounty!
Vines and Machines
Overgrown Machine
Overgrown Machine 2
Great Blue Herons Fishing
Conservation Tranquility
Cows in the Sunlight
Longer Days, Brighter Light
Posted by R.B. in Photographs

Morning Sun and Heat!
Lonely Table awaiting a Picnic!
Early Morning Sand Beach
Outlet River Flowing
Cool Water
Pots of Pansies
Peering Over the Pot!
Maple in the County, 2008
Posted by R.B. in Photographs

Fosterholm Sap House
Chefmeister Jim
Pancakes and Sausages
Cliff Foster and his girls
Satisfied Customers!
Summer Sun & Beach Adventures
Posted by J.& A.E. (Calgary) in Photographs

Thanks so much for the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of Eckhart House. The beach was great, the waves fun and the sun deceptively hot! This house is absolutely gorgeous & the beach is amazing!

Playtime in the sand!
Crystal blue water
Sand and sky. Awesome!
Sky and sand. Awesome 2
Family get-together
Sand dune adventures 1
Sand dune adventures 2
Winter Wonderland
Posted by R.B. in Photographs

A Winter Morning!
A Wonderful Winter Walk
Sandbanks Winter Wonderland 1
Sandbanks Winter Wonderland 2
Kitchen Porch at Winter Dusk
Winter Wonderland Evening
Winter Wonderland 1
Winter Wonderland 2
Winter Wonderland 3
Winter Wonderland 4
Winter Wonderland 5
Winter Wonderland 6
Winter Wonderland 7
Winter Wonderland 8
Winter Beach, Big Sky
Posted by R.B. in Photographs

Winter Beach 1
Winter Beach 2
Beach and Sky 1
Beach and Sky 2
A Winter Hike
Posted by R.B. in Photographs

Winter Hike. Sandbanks 1
Winter Hike. Sandbanks 2
Playtime with the ball
Lake Ontario Snow Volcanos
Posted by R.B. in Photographs in Winter, 2007

Snow and Ice Volcano 1
Snow and Ice Volcano 2
Snow Volcano with Water
Rolling Waves 1
Rolling Waves 2
Sandbanks Winter Dunes
Posted by R.B. in Photographs in Winter, 2007

Winter Dunes 1
Winter Dunes 2
Winter Dunes 3
Winter Dunes 4
Winter Dunes 5
Winter Dunes 6
Winter Dunes 7

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